Convergences in Glass by Ramon Orlina

July 25 to Aug 25, 2020


Charlie's Art Gallery
Italia Restaurant
GF Paseo Verde Bldg.
Mandalagan Lacson Street
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Ramon Orlina’s sculptures no doubt leave a resounding impression in the mind. One’s first time gazing upon an Orlina is encapsulating. The minute detail, the elegant form and balance, the sheer impact on the viewer is undoubtable. The viewer is drawn in by the convergence of light, form, and medium in any of his works.

Unlike conventional heat treated methods of carving glass, Ramon Orlina’s sculptures are carved cold from giant solid blocks of glass. Meticulously hand-cutting and grinding away at these blocks, the sculpture within is slowly brought out, transforming the rough blocks into pieces of ethereal beauty. The hard, immovable glass medium is altered to flowing shapes of beauty – The loving caress of a mother and her child, stark forms projecting towering mountains, the soft and lush form of the female body, and majestic silk-like abstracts of curves and bends.

With over 45 years perfecting the art of sculpture, Ramon Orlina is no doubt one of the country’s premiere sculptural artists. His works are housed in private and public collections all over the globe including the Rockefeller Foundation in New York City, the Hakata Museum in Japan, as well as the Singapore Art Museum. Charlie’s Art Gallery is honored to present this radiant collection of fourteen of his works for his exhibit: Convergences in Glass. Exhibit runs from July 25 to August 25 at Italia Restaurant in Bacolod City.