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Linkage II
By Omi Reyes
March 4, 2017 to April 4, 2017

Charlie's Art Gallery
Italia Restaurant
GF Paseo Verde Bldg.
Mandalagan Lacson Street
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

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My exhibit is entitled "Linkage II". The word linkage matches my work since it consists of mechanisms connecting the gears and devices that link other devices to one another. I chose it because it fits the character of my works. Like its prequel, the message is "we are all connected to each other".

I have one simple message that I want to manifest through this: camaraderie. I'd like this show to be a manifestation of our friendship, our oneness, our unity. That in spite of all our diversities, we are all linked to one another after all. For instance, in a collaborated work, an artist cannot simply put all his heart out to create like how he is used to. He needs to jive with another soul. He needs to consider other elements. He needs to connect. And it all goes back to building relationships.

In omnibus amare, in omnibus servire. In everything love, in everything serve. I have stolen this from a Latin phrase about loving and serving God and I found that this is the foundation of how I build relationships. This is the foundation of how I harmonize with my vocation as an artist. I've seen building relationship as the most important part of it. I am grateful for my God-given talent, because through it, I can express my innermost thoughts and emotions, and through it I am able to connect with people. When I make my art and sell it to an art collector, or give it to a friend, I am able to interact with them, resulting in a connection, later on flourishing into a beautiful relationship.

In this particular collection I have tried to go beyond my habitual choices of colors and subjects because of my consideration of the interaction with the works of my friends. I try to conform with what they will most likely be comfortable with. For example, I never tried to do a whimsical theme but I had to be in harmony with my collaborator, so I tried to blend my work with his subject.

In contrast to my more neglectful character during my younger days as an artist when my mind was more focused on what I wanted, I am now more mindful of others' emotions and nature. In dealing with each of their characters, I try to go beyond my own habits and accommodate their level of comfort whenever we interact. I always tell them to have no pressure when I give them my piece to work on. In that sense, I get their proper disposition and they become more willful to do the work. Getting them to feel at ease and satisfied with our relationship is most essential to me.

I was testing the waters during my previous Linkage exhibit. It was my first time to collaborate in major artworks with my colleagues. Even though they are my closest friends, it was overwhelming. But that's where I realized the beauty of working together with different genres producing an unexpectedly pleasant outcome. Because when I look at our crafts individually, all I see is the contrast, but when completed in a single canvas, they juxtapose just as well.

In Linkage II, I am essentially more confident to not only work but connect with my colleagues in the art industry. The best part is, even if this is a one-man show, I am able to bring my friends' work and showcase them too.

About Linkage II
By Omi Reyes
Interpreted by his daughter Calyn